Our hearts go out to all those who have been impacted by COVID-19 and, now more than
ever, it is important for us to be united in community and remain in service to each other.
We face a global health pandemic unlike any we’ve seen in the modern era. COVID-19
(coronavirus) has created a challenging new reality for all of us, regardless of industry or
location, that demands we be flexible and ready to help however we can at a moment’s

Since we are part of the global cross-border trade industry, our business is considered
essential during times of crises such as now.

At #dltledgers we are 100% committed to keeping our customers satisfied, and ensuring
trade flows continue. We are doing our part to keep businesses – both ours and our clients –
moving forward through these unprecedented times. As an added effort to our global
pandemic response plan, we have appointed a full-stack team at our offices around the
world, to work remotely to best protect the interest of our clients as they run cross-border
trades and more, through our platform to various nations.
It’s important to remember we have faced crises like this in the past and will face them
again in the future. We need to be prepared, rational, and altruistic in response. If there is
disruption, there will also be recovery, so how we act in a time of crisis can also inform our
long-term impact.

As for our employees who have been nothing short of heroic during these tough times,
#dltledgers has taken steps to protect their safety. This follows the guideline standards set
by the governments regionally. Some of the immediate steps taken by the company
involved travel restrictions for work and various social distancing measures.

The tools that helped us in the past, may not be the tools that will help us overcome this
unprecedented disruption in cross border trade and supply chain.  Many companies have
started to work differently and we are keen to support with our collaborative model.
Working capital has never been more important for suppliers of large enterprises around
the world. The pandemic is resulting in ever-more fiercely contested bids and reduced
advance payments from customers. Volatility in commodity demand, supply, and pricing is
squeezing margins, making it hard for businesses to stay afloat. If companies cannot access
funding, they will be unable to guarantee supply. The result – interrupted production.
Liquidity is still king, and a collaborative, team-based model is critical during these times.
#dltledgers platform is helping enterprises take leadership by integrating suppliers, funding
organisations, banks and other parties onto a common, blockchain-based platform. In doing
so, they are optimizing the their trades and satisfying their suppliers’ financing
requirements. We believe it is the quickest way enterprises can connect their supply chains
to multiple, competitive financing offerings, and to preserve continuity within their supply

As the situation surrounding COVID-19 continues to change and evolve, what won’t change
is our commitment to do everything we can to help ensure the health and safety of
everyone involved with the #dltledgers  brand. We have earned your trust. We will work
tirelessly to persevere through this together.
Samir Neji – CEO & Founder