dltledgers, a Singapore based blockchain platform company wins the blockchain challenge from Infocomm media development authority of Singapore (IMDA). dltledgers is a blockchain network with several business blockchain codebase for supply chain, actively subscribed and deployed by several organisations. The award is won for the industry network solution and spreads across the customer acceptance, quality, scalability and robustness of the platform. 

This was based on a qualifying process from more than 200+ blockchain innovation applicants and spread across different business use cases. dltledgers won the blockchain challenge for the best supply chain network solution, which is of huge significance in digital transformation of extended supply chain. 

“The Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) believes there is room to accelerate growth in blockchain, or other distributed ledger technologies, to help enable a Digital Economy for a Smart Nation. As such, IMDA launched this challenge for companies to develop pioneering solutions using blockchain beyond financial applications. We wanted to develop Network platforms like dltledgers for active use by industry”

“We are delighted by this win and look forward to welcome several of third party apps to work on our open blockchain  network. After several stringent rounds of compete, IMDA have recognised us as a strong manufacturing network  RUNNING in business blockchain. Several of our customers in the platform enjoy the might of our patented code base; several of our apps are industry innovations in supply chain and can be deployed with a plug and play process. Our platform is already seen as a “must have” critical part of the digital journey of large supply chain transformation teams”; Said Samir Neji, Founder and Resident Director of dltledgers. 

Global electronics and technology organisations can deploy their supplier network for a unified supply chain framework. This can support the existing frameworks and power several of digital initiatives in supplier portal, on time payments, on time delivery and order to cash initiatives. This works as a SaaS model with plug and play mode and run the extended supply chain network optimisation using this blockchain platform. You have an ability to create your own networks or run your apps by using the several blockchain innovations in this network. 

“Manufacturing supply chain network” which is called as “Electronics network” build on a SaaS based model is considered as a rapid digitisation network by IMDA and is building an industry framework structure with other third party apps. The network is open for other organisations for building and connecting to manufacturing industry. 

About the company

Distributed Ledger technologies (DLT) Pte ltd is a blockchain company, building inter-enterprise software on blockchain,  working in the supply chain space.

Our clients run business blockchain applications under our flagship platform, dltledgers.

dltledgers has several applications which run international trade, extended supply chain networks, tracking, customer ATP, visibility, food safety, counterfeit prevention and much more.

We stay low, work with real companies and help brick and mortar businesses drive positive cash flow and profits.