Blockchain Your Trade – Standard

$2,500.00 / month

This is an International Trading Network Standard Account. You can do a mximum of 5 international trades per month.


This subscription will give you access to the world’s first blockchain platform for running autonomous trade contracts across different trust-less parties, initiate paperless trade, accelerating payments with banks and simplifying the creation and delivery of trade financing, paperless digital documents and secure a scalable trade model for your business. 

What you get 

  • a private permissioned blockchain which is managed and controlled by your enterprise. This will be a private vault which you are managing your trade.  
  • Complete end to end plug and play; you can initiate your first contract in 10 Minutes and start executing it. 
  • Automates the creation of your Trade contract; Invite your services partners to your blockchain trade group, so as to create your blockchain. 
  • Improves and accelerates the accuracy of international trade processes
  • Accelerates payment and reduces days sales outstanding (DSO)
  • Cuts direct documentation and payment processing costs
  • Integrates seamlessly with your existing inventory management or ERP systems
  • Increases operational efficiencies and collaboration among all trading parties like buyers, sellers, shipping, banks, insurance and certificate authorities.  
  • Includes customized document library created from each exporter’s paper shipping documents, so users see on the screen what they usually see on paper
  • Provides secure, role-based access anytime from anywhere through an intuitive, blockchain based outputs. 
  • Enables secure sharing of information with encrypted cryptography and blockchain based immutable digitized signatures
  • Enables exporters to analyze key performance metrics including transaction fees, country risk and customer credit exposure
  • Provides enterprise-wide visibility and a means for measuring current status and trends across dispersed global business units
  • Tracks document revisions with complete consensus , thus securing each document in secure vault. 
  • Requires no dedicated IT resources to maintain – no new hardware to buy or software to install. 
  • Provides an immediate ROI

Maximum of 5 trades per month
Maximum of 20 business partners
Access to 3 selected banks for financing of your trade
LC issuance/ Import financing
Blockchain reporting for complete end to end visibility
Contract trigger automation
2 days free dltledgers customer support

Price per trade is 500 USD

dltledgers blockchain technology digitize trade across the trading partners, creating trade with a network of business partners like source, mfg, shipping, banks, insurance, apart from buyers and sellers. Several functions are created into the network like, sales contract consensus with all parties, invoking contract enforceability,  delivery of complex letter of credit, receivable financing, bill discounting, trade documents for commodities traders and other exporters, thus supporting end to end trade execution. Our revolutionary blockchain based digital file cabinet offer digital BL, accelerates payments, reduces costs and provides unparalleled visibility and control of the supply chain.

Global Head of Doc Trade, Trade Digitization & CPO Trade Platform Transformation, Standard Chartered Bank
We are excited to be part of the execution of the world's first digital avalisation on blockchain. Being part of this digital space has helped banks with more visibility into the customer’s operations, increasing transparency of the trade. This will surely reduce fraud and related risk and build cross border interconnectivity.
Samuel Matthews,
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